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~1925 promotional text:


was many many years ago, and the firm of Marklin was the first to transform the then crude designs to a standard which has varied little even up to to-day.

Marklin built up the first model rails as you know them now, as far back as 1891, before most of you were born. Only gauge I was produced, and it was not until a few years later that gauge 0 was manufactured.

At an Exhibition in 1892 a great deal of admiration was created by a display of the first set of rails in the form of a horizontal figure 8, with points, crossings, and switches made by Marklin. All rails in those days were made by hand, and the sleepers were soldered on singly afterwards, which was a slow and laborious business. These conditions improved so rapidly that by 1900 the Marklin rail system was in design and construction, very similar to that of the present day.

Improvements on these lines stimulated interest in this fascinating hobby and the demand increased accordingly. Marklin then commenced to make engines and accessories by machinery instead of by hand as previously.

Prior to 1900 all Locos were of the 2-axle type, and during that year the first 4-axle type marketed was made by Marklin followed in 1911 by the 6-axle type.

1898 marked another Marklin achievement, namely, the very first Low Current Experimental Railway, and also the first perfected Steam Loco, although primitive models were then in existence (and very messy and unsatisfactory they were).

To-day "Marklin" models are beautiful, durable and technically accurate miniatures of the monster locomotives and rolling stock, etc., as seen throughout the world.

— , Märklin, , The Märklin Red Handbook of Clockwork Model Railways, , ~1925

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