Blue First-Class Carriage, circa ~1902 (Märklin 1806)

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Blue First-Class Carriage, circa ~1902 (Märklin 1806)

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A dark blue four-wheel gauge 0 First Class Railway Carriage, made by Märklin, circa ~1902, catalogue number 1806. Marklin produced the 1806 carriage in two main versions - this blue First Class version, and a yellow Second Class version.


The model is toyishly truncated, about the same length as a goods wagon, with a jutting black roof and yellow lining, with a yellow serifed "I" below its row of six windows on each side, signifying First Class.

The dark blue and yellow colour scheme is probably meant to evoke the blue and gold livery of the luxury European CIWL (Companie Internationale Des Wagons Lits) carriages.

An outline of a door is embossed into the ends of the carriage, bearing an embossed Märklin logo.

~1906(ish) catalogue illustration of Märklin carriage #1806

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