Double 'Fish-belly' Railway Bridge - Doppelfischbauchbrücke (Märklin 2503)

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Double 'Fish-belly' Railway Bridge - Doppelfischbauchbrücke (Märklin 2503)

Pont de Chemin de Fer Electrique - Railway Bridge, Electric, Märklin 2503-EL (MärklinCatFr ~1921).jpg (i)
BTMM map 065.gif

Arch Three , Area 65
1930s Layout, central section, front


A distinctive and descriptively-named metal Double "fish-belly" Railway Bridge manufactured by Märklin from around ~1912 to around ~1930. Where strutted railway bridges sometimes have a curved top per section for rigidity, or a curved bottom, this has both, producing a "fish-like" profile.

~1921 French catalogue entry, Märklin 2503 EL/0 and 2503 EL/1 railway bridge for electric model trains, gauge 0 and gauge 1

The bridge is built into the museum's 1930s model railway layout (just to the right of the Märklin Grand Station) and is used without its ramps (which aren't necessary on this part of the layout, as the bridge sections are being used "on the level").