Paris-Orleans steeple cab loco PO E1 (Marklin CL3021B)

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Paris-Orleans steeple cab loco PO E1 (Marklin CL3021B)

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A green hand-painted 110 Volt electric Marklin gauge 1 model of a Paris-Orleans "steeple cab" electric "Bo-Bo" locomotive, PO E1, model number CL 3021B, and made in ~1912.

The original locomotive

Locomotive E.1 was the first of a batch of eight electric locomotives built for the Paris-Orleans railway (E.1 to E.8) between 1900 and 1904, to service the line between Gare d'Austerlitz and the Quai d'Orsay, via the Orsay tunnel. The new line had a requirement for electric traction rather than steam, because of the problems that would have been associated with trying to run steam locomotives through a tunnel. Electric power was supplied via a third rail on the "normal" sections of track, and via an overhead power line (collected via a pantograph) inside the tunnel.

The loco used some engineering from General Electric (GE), and its design was developed from an earlier steeple cab locomotive built by GE in the US, in 1894.

The locomotive was put on public display at the 1900 Paris Exhibition.

In preservation

Locomotive E.1 is preserved on display at the Musée français du chemin de fer (now renamed Cité du Train).

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