50 Tons Large Freight Car (Märklin 1855/0)

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50 Tons Large Freight Car (Märklin 1855/0)

Side Discharging Wagon, Märklin 1855 (MarklinCat 1936).jpg (i)
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A gauge 0 red-brown 50 Ton Side-Discharging Coal Wagon made by Märklin between ~1933 and 1942, 1855/0.

The wagon has double bogies and a pair of shuttered coal chute covers on each side, and was made in both gauge 0 and gauge 1 versions.

Märklin 50 Tons large freight car, detail

While the 1936 catalogue image appears to show a set of steps at one end leading to a small safety-railed platform with two operating levers, one for the shutters on each side, our example seems to have a single lever.

1936 Catalogue listing:

1855 Side-discharging Wagon for the transport of coal, tips to either side of the track, reddish brown.

  • 1855/0 Gauge 0: Length 9 3/4 in.
  • 1855/1 Gauge I: length 13 1/4 in.
1936: catalogue image, Märklin 1855 Side Discharging Wagon

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