Covered Junction Platform, arched, gauge 0 (Märklin 2078)

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Covered Junction Platform, arched, gauge 0 (Märklin 2078)

Covered Junction Platform, Märklin 2078-0 (MarklinCRH ~1925).jpg 1925 catalogue image (i)
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Arch Three , Area 61
1930s Layout, station side


, A painted tinplate Covered Junction Platform with large single-span arched roof, suitable for larger railway stations. The piece was made by Märklin (catalogue number 2078/0), probably in the 1920s, and was meant to accompany the company's grand station main building based on Leipzig Station.

The building has a green curved corrugated metal roof and cream uprights meant to represent stonework, and could either be placed behind the main station building pointing sideways to produce a "through" station, or could be butted up against the rear of the building with the tracks pointing directly at the main building, and terminated with buffers, to produce a terminus station.

~1925: English "gauge 0 catalogue" entry, Märklin 2078/0
Unidentified catalogue image. This is supposedly also #2078, but it has five side supports rather than four, making it longer. This is presumably the gauge 1 version of the station canopy, 2078/1.

~1925 catalogue entry:


Suitable for two or three tracks faced with imitation iron lattice work and glass.

With four white station seats.

Corrugated roof in green and finish in natural stone.

— , W. Seelig / Märklin, , Märklin Clockwork Railway Handbook (Expert Series No.3), , ~1925


Close examination shows that Märklin sometimes reused component pressings across different product ranges – the strips along the side of the canopy roof "spine", with their vertical ventilation slots, appear to be the same part used in the nearby Grand Bridge as side-railings.