Talbot Hopper Wagon - Schotter-wagen (Marklin 367)

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Talbot Hopper Wagon - Schotter-wagen (Marklin 367)

Talbot Hopper Wagon - Schotter-wagen, Marklin 367 (MärklinCat 1939).jpg (i)
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Arch Three , Area 32
Märklin Model Railways (display)

8.5cm(l) × __(w) × __(h)

A brown 00-gauge Talbot Hopper Wagon made by Marklin in the later 1930s.

1939: Talbot Hopper Wagon, Märklin 367

Waggonfabrik Talbot

Waggonfabrik Talbot was founded in 1838 in Aachen, Germany, by Pierre Pauwels and Johann Hugo Jacob Talbot, as Eisenbahn-Waggon-Fabrik Pauwels & Talbot Aachen.

The company produced a unique "self-discharging wagon" with a controllable release mechanism developed by George Talbot, which became a best-seller. From 1928 this was produced in a revised Austauschbau design to maximise the number of standardised parts, in accordance with much of the rest of the German railway network's rolling stock.

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