Stephenson Tank Locomotive SR 329, gauge 0 (Märklin TK1020)

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Stephenson Tank Locomotive SR 329, gauge 0 (Märklin TK1020)

Stephenson Tank Locomotive Southern 329, 4-6-4, Märklin TK1020 (MarklinCRH ~1925).jpg (i)

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Märklin Model Railways (display)

A green, clockwork, gauge 0 model of Southern Railway's Stephenson 4-6-4 "Baltic" passenger tank locomotive, running number 329, made by Märklin. The model started being produced some time in the early 1920s, originally in ~1923 brown, and seems to have disappeared by the mid-1930s.

Märklin manufactured versions of the model in both gauge 0 and gauge 1, both of which are on display in the museum. For more detailed information, see the entry for the gauge 1 version.

~1925 Gauge 0 catalogue image

~1925 catalogue text:

TK1020   60/-

(Type 4-5-4) Southern The Southern Railway's Tank Loco "Stephenson." Brake and reversing automatically or by hand. A highly efficient and perfectly appointed model.

— , Märklin, , Clockwork Railway Handbook (Expert Series No.3), , ~1925

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