Circus Lion in Cage (Märklin)

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Circus Lion in Cage (Märklin)

Platform Trucks with Circus Lion Cage and Cash Office, Märklin 1983-T 1983-C (MarklinCat 1936).jpg (i)
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Arch Three , Area 32
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A tan Caged Circus Lion produced by Märklin in the 1930s.

The cage is white, with small wheels, and the front two wheels are steerable via a red coupling.

The caged lion was usually supplied with a gauge 0 flatbed railway wagon ( 1983 T/0 ) or with a matching wheeled circus cash office, both sharing a larger gauge 1 flatbed wagon (as 1983 T/1 ).

Märklin circus wagons. The caged lion wagon is on the truck to the left

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