Der Adler 1835-1935 Centenary train set (Märklin AR12930-35-3)

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Der Adler 1835-1935 Centenary train set (Märklin AR12930-35-3)

Der Adler train, Centenary model, Märklin AR 12930-35-3 (MarklinCat 1936).jpg (i)

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A special gauge 0 electric "100th anniversary" model of the famous "Der Adler" locomotive and train, produced by Märklin in ~1935 to mark the centenary of the real train. Der Adler ran Germany's first passenger train service, starting in 1835, and therefore holds a special affection for German railway enthusiasts.

The 2-2-2 locomotive and its tender are green and brown, and the locomotive's operating area doesn't have a roof or sidewalls.

The passenger carriages are yellow – the first passenger unit is similarly open to the elements, and the final two carriages are closed, but styled like old horse-carriages, complete with a raised seat on top where the driver of a horsedrawn cab would normally sit.

The model is gauge 0, 20 Volt electric.

Märklin DerAdler centenary set (detail)

The model:

The set consists of the open locomotive and tender with figures (AR 12930), an open coach with figures (1834/0) a closed coach with figures and opening doors (1835/0), an the "brake" version of the closed coach with figures and a brakeman's seat (1835B/0).

1936: Der Adler train, Märklin AR12930/35/3

1935 advertising text:

Are you interested in Historic Locomotives? If so, here is a delightful one introduced by us from the continent – a model of the complete train of Germany's first railway from Nuremberg to Furth, opened 100 years ago, and now celebrating its centenary by a wonderful railway exhibition in the city of Nuremberg. the pioneer locomotive – the Adler – was built in England by George Stephenson.

The model (as illustrated) is finished in gay colours. The carriages are filled with passengers, and the small little locomotive has an engine driver. Complete with an oval of track it costs 75/-.

— , Bassett-Lowke advert, , Meccano Magazine, , November 1935

The original train

The "Adler" ("Eagle") locomotive was designed by George Stephenson, and built in England in Sheffield. The locomotive was then shipped to Germany to become the country's first commercial steam locomotive, running Germany's first commercial train service in 1835 (between Nuremburg and Furth).

Other Marklin tributes to the "Adler" locomotive

Fifty years later, in 1985, Märlklin produced another two models of the "Der Adler" train, to mark the 150th anniversary. These had catalogue numbers 5750 (the model of the original Der Adler) and 5721 (a model of the 1935 version, rebuilt after fire damage, with plainer, enclosed carriages). in ~2010, the company produced yet another version, #55175, which showed the restored locomotive in its current state.

Märklin also produced a Der Adler metal construction set as a special pack in their Märklin Metall range, based on Meccano (sold as set #1002).

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