Newfoundland 5XP Jubilee-Class locomotive LMS 5573 (Märklin for Bassett-Lowke)

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Newfoundland 5XP Jubilee-Class locomotive LMS 5573 (Märklin for Bassett-Lowke)

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Arch Three , Area 1
1930s Model Railway Layout

A gauge 0 model of the 1930's LMS Jubilee-Class 4-6-0 LMS locomotive 5573 Newfoundland, with a Märklin-made bodyshell fitted with a Bassett-Lowke mechanism.

This was one of the four locomotive designs made by Märklin for Bassett-Lowke in the mid-1930s.


, examples we've seen of the Newfoundland seem to have been (professionally) repainted in a decent representation of the correct livery, staying within the original Märklin lining, over a previous colour that was a rather nasty orangeish version.

What we think may have happened is that perhaps the German company, not intimately familiar with British locomotive colours, may have underestimated how badly their paint colour "missed" that of the original, and that Bassett-Lowke may have been forced to repaint some or all of the batch.

The original locomotive

The Jubilee-Class can be considered something of a transitional class, with just over 190 of the class being built between 1934 and 1936. Designed by Stanier as a successor to the older Claughton class, the Jublilees's design underwent a wide range of changes as the machines were built, resulting in a strangely diverse set of locomotives, some having cylindrical boilers and others tapered boilers, with different detailing, and so on.

A part of the reason for this was the slightly disappointing performance of the early machines, whose steaming was improved with modifications to the boiler and superheating. As the class evolved the design became more and more "Stanier", and they were sometimes referred to as "The Red Staniers" to distinguish them from his "Black Fives ("the Black Staniers"), which were being built at the same time. The name "Jubilee Class" emerged after the class loco was renamed Jubilee.

5573 Newfoundland is listed as having been built by the North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow in 1934, withdrawn in 1965, and scrapped in 1966.


Four of the class are preserved, 5593 Kolhapur, 5596 Bahamas, 5690 Leander and 5699 Galatea.

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