Petroleum Comp Tanker Wagon, circa ~1902 (Märklin 1812)

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Petroleum Comp Tanker Wagon, circa ~1902 (Märklin 1812)

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A pale brown four-wheel gauge 0 Petrol Tanker Wagon marked "PETROLEUM COMP", made by Märklin, circa ~1902.

~1906: Catalogue image of Märklin #1812 petrol tanker wagon


The model has a lot of involved physical detailing for an early model, with a black ladder that arches over the tank, crossed bracing bars at the sides and ends, and a black central filler mounting with bare brass valve that almost looks functional. There's a line of black dots near to the ends of the cylindrical tank to represent rivets.

It's not obvious whether the pale brown represents the tanker's original colour, or whether some fading has occurred.

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