Mitropa Sleeping Car - Schlafwagen (Marklin 353)

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Mitropa Sleeping Car - Schlafwagen (Marklin 353)

Mitropa Sleeping Car - Schlafwagen, Marklin 353 353J (MärklinCat 1939).jpg (i)
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Arch Four , Area 43
00-gauge Miscellaneous (display)


A dark red H0-scale Mitropa Sleeping Car (Schlafwagen) 353, made by Märklin in around 1939.

The carriage is dark red with a grey roof and gold lettering and lining, with MITROPA in large centrally-placed letters under the windows and SCHLAFWAGEN in smaller letters towards one end.

1939 edited catalogue image, Märklin 353 Schlafwagen