Milk Transport Wagon, gauge 0 (Märklin 1777-0)

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Milk Transport Wagon, gauge 0 (Märklin 1777-0)

Milchtransportwagen - Milk Tanker Wagon, Märklin 1777 (MarklinCat 1939).jpg (i)
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Arch Three , Area 32
Märklin Model Railways (display)


A brown and black gauge 0 "Milchtransportwagen" (Milk Transport Wagon) with three white milk tanks made by Märklin between 1938 and 1939, catalogue number 1777-0. It is 18.5cm long according to the 1939 German Märklin catalogue.


The Märklin Milk Wagon is an especially charming piece, as the three individual milk tanks have their own little wheels and are effectively separate vehicles, increasing the wagon's play value. Once the wheeled tanks are in place, a lever on the wagon locks them in position for transport.