Acid Wagon (Märklin 1990-0)

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Acid Wagon (Märklin 1990-0)

Säurewagen - Acid Wagon, Märklin 1990 (MarklinCat 1931).jpg (i)
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Arch Three , Area 32
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A green gauge 0 Säurewagen (Acid Wagon) made by Märklin between 1929 and 1937, catalogue number 1990-0. According to Märklin's 1931 catalogue the wagon is 16.5cm long and the brown acid containers have removable lids.

1936 catalogue image: Märklin 1990 Acid Wagon, gauge 1 version

The acid wagon was one of Märklin's more unusual pieces: the same acid containers were fitted to both the gauge 0 and gauge 1 versions: the gauge 0 version carried two of the containers, the gauge 1 version (shown) carried three.