Level crossing, gauge 1, Gamages (Märklin 2822)

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Level crossing, gauge 1, Gamages (Märklin 2822)

Level Crossing, Märklin 2822-0 (MarklinCRH ~1925).jpg ~1925 catalogue image of the gauge 0 version (i)
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A large gauge 1 level crossing with white swing gates, sold by Gamages, and almost certainly made by Märklin as catalogue number 2822/1.

The underside of the crossing's base is stamped "A W Gamage / Holborn / London".

~1925 image from a gauge 0 catalogue of the smaller gauge 0 Märklin 2922/0 level crossing: "Swing gates to open. A perfect and pleasing model of an English country railway crossing."


The level crossing was sold to a customer by Gamages along with a Märklin locomotive and two Märklin carriages, all gauge 1.

The design, construction and paintwork are all classic Märklin, the crossing design with its suspended gates is extremely distinctive, and a gauge 0 version appears in a 1925 gauge 0 Marklin catalogue listed as 2822/0, designed for the English market. The catalogue image seems practically identical to the museum piece, apart from scaling – the gauge 1 version has a larger number of triangular sections across the gate, in line with Marklin's common practice of reusing the same size of components on larger and smaller models where possible rather than re-engineering all the component parts in multiple scales when it wasn't necessary.

Given all these factors, we're really very sure that this model is an example of Märklin's gauge 1 model 2822/1 level crossing.

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