Platform Buffet Trolley, with food (Märklin 2627)

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Platform Buffet Trolley, with food (Märklin 2627)

Platform Buffet Trolley, Märklin 2627 (MarklinCat 1936).jpg 1936 catalogue image (i)
BTMM map 061.gif

Arch Three , Area 61
1930s Layout, station side


A white Platform Buffet Trolley (Restaurationswagen Servierwagen) complete with model food, made by Märklin as catalogue number 2627.

1936 image, Märklin 2627 "Platform Buffet Trolley beautifully fitted with provisions. Length 4 1/2 in."

The model is parked on the 1930s model railway layout, in front of the Märklin Grand Station building.

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