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Goods Wagons, chassis

The chassis of "four-wheeler" No.1 Hornby Series goods wagons and vans went through three main stages before WW2:

Type 1 / T1
Simple flat trunions holding the wheel axles. The Type 1 chassis only appeared on the very earliest Hornby Series wagons, and aren't often encountered. Examples are on the right of Shelf 4 the Hornby Wall display.
Type 2 / T2
Ornate perforated trunions. These appeared on the majority of 1920s Hornby rolling stock. Examples are on the left and middle of Shelf 4 of the Hornby Wall display.
Type 3 / T3
Embossed non-perforated trunions, with linking tiebar. Examples are on shelf 2 the Hornby Wall display.

Updated chassis designs weren't always reflected in the Hornby catalogue artwork, so it can be difficult to find illustrations of a particular wagon with a Type 3 chassis unless the wagon already had that chassis when it was originally introduced.

Variations on these standard versions appeared after WW2.

Goods Wagons, doors

Another obvious difference when comparing wagons from Shelf 4 (1920s) and Shelf 2 (1940s) is that the 1920s wagons have hinged doors and small protruding working doorhandles. These are usually made of folded tinplate, but on a few older models there are actually cast metal drop-handles.

On the 1930s wagons, the design is simplified with sliding doors, incorporating a simple punched/embossed door handle.


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