Snow Plough, LMS, grey (Hornby Series)

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Snow Plough, LMS, grey (Hornby Series)

Hornby Snow Plough (1925 HBoT).jpg Hornby Snow Plough, LMS/LNER, 1925 (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
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A grey and red Hornby Series Snow Plough, from around 1925.


The Hornby Series Snow Plough went though a number of colour variations over the years. This version is grey with a red set of rotating blades, red window frames, a black base, and the words "SNOW PLOUGH" in white on its sliding door, surrounded by a rounded-cornered rectangle. It has "LMS" on the edge of its black base in red-shadowed gold letters.

The plough corresponds to the picture in the first (1925) Hornby Book of Trains. The snow plough was introduced in 1923/24, but it's difficult to find colour reference images for comparison that were produced before 1925.

Catalogue image

Hornby Series Snow Plough, 1925 catalogue image, LMS/LNER (LNER version pictured)