Lumber Wagon No.1, L&NER (Hornby Series)

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Lumber Wagon No.1, L&NER (Hornby Series)

Hornby No.1 Lumber Wagon (1925 HBoT).jpg Hornby No.1 Lumber Wagon, 1925, LMS or LNER (after the ampersand, "&" had been phased out) (i)
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A Hornby Series L&NER Lumber Wagon No.1, dating from about 1924.

The wagon has olive-green base, buffers and couplings, two red rectangular lumber supports bearing four vertical lumber side-support rods, and lumber securing chains. The wagon is empty, and isn't carrying a lumber "load", but owners would presumably have been capable of finding small sticks or twigs to put onto the wagon.


The No.1 Lumber Wagon appeared in 1923, and gained railway company lettering (LMS or L&NER) in 1924. The "&" symbol was then dropped so that the 1925 Hornby Book of Trains list the piece as being available as either LMS or LNER (although their illustration only shows the LMS version).

Unfortunately, the "HBoT" doesn't go back before 1925, and the 1924 issues of Meccano Magazine don't show the piece in enough detail to show side-lettering, and don't describe the rolling stock in enough detail to mention lettering options.

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