Petrol Tank Wagon, Redline-Glico (Hornby Series)

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Petrol Tank Wagon, Redline-Glico (Hornby Series)

Hornby Petrol Tank Wagon, Redline (HBoT 1930).jpg An earlier version of the Hornby Redline petrol tank wagon, 1930 (i)
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A 1930s blue Hornby Series Redline-Glico Petrol Tank Wagon, pretty much as illustrated in the 1932 The Hornby Book of Trains. An earlier "Redline" version of the wagon was in the 1929 and successive catalogues, with the name changing to Redline-Glico in the 1932 catalogue.


The wagon has blue tank, base, buffers, and "Type 3" trunions, and bare metal couplings. The top valve isn't a separate piece of cast metal as it was on earlier versions of the wagon, and is instead embossed into the top of the valve pillar (which presumably made the wagon cheaper to build).

The Wagon is Lettered REDLINE-GLICO" in black-bordered gold, above a bold horizontal red line, with "SUPER PETROL" underneath, again in gold.


The Union Petroleum Products Co Ltd was formed in 1914 in Britain at the onset of World War One, and had two product brands, Redline Motor Spirit and Ensign Motor Spirit.

The company spent a lot on advertising and to impress their "red line" symbol into customers' consciousness, and from the very early 1920s started producing distinctive high-visibility petrol pumps showing off the red line.

In 1931, Redline merged with Glico Petroleum Ltd to form Redline - Glico Ltd, and became part of Anglo-American Oil.

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