Pullman No2 Special Coach (Composite), Arcadia, A37 (Hornby Series)

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Pullman No2 Special Coach (Composite), Arcadia, A37 (Hornby Series)

Pullman No.2 Special Coach Composite, Hornby Series (HBoT 1931).jpg No.2 Special Pullman Coach, Arcadia, Hornby Series, 1931 (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 2

A brown and cream Hornby Series No2 Special Pullman Coach (Composite), "Arcadia", with passenger and luggage sections.

Catalogue illustration

Hornby No.2 Special Coach (Composite), Arcadia, Price 16- (Hornby Book of Trains, 1931)

1929 review, "The Railway Magazine"

MECCANO LIMITED, of Liverpool, send a sample model of a Hornby Pullman coach.

it is explained that hitherto Hornby train products have been built to free-lance designs. In future programmes, however, it is proposed to introduce models built as far as possible to scale proportions, and the new type of No. 2 Pullman car and composite are the first of these "scale" products, and the makers are to be congratulated on the results achieved.

The coaches are made from tinplate and are enamelled in the correct standard Pullman Car Company's colours. details, such as scale ventilators to the roofs, are fitted, and all door handles are made to open and have scale door handles, special care having been taken to make these as neat as possible in appearance. Transparent windows with imitation shaded table lamps printed on them give the coaches a most realistic appearance. The equalising bogies are enamelled black, and each of the cast-metal white-rimmed Mansell wheels revolves separately on the axles, that in turn run in miniature axle boxes. The fitting of these bogies gives a coach extremely smooth running qualities. One corridor connection and one detachable vestibule door are supplied with each coach.

— , -, , March 1929