Milk Traffic Van (Hornby gauge 0)

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Milk Traffic Van (Hornby gauge 0)

Hornby Milk Traffic Van (1925 HBoT).jpg An earlier version of the van, from 1925 (i)
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Hornby Series (display)
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Hornby Southern Rail green Milk Traffic Van with a cream roof and black base, slatted along both sides including the door, 1928-30.

Made from 1923, the Milk Traffic Vans looked similar to the Cattle Trucks but with slatting extending across the entire van, not just the upper half of the sides. Multiple railway company versions were introduced in 1924, but the lettering was dropped in 1930, although their livery colours were still used.

Four milk cans (not displayed) were included with the vans, which in the first model could be clipped to the base, with difficulty. They continued to be supplied with the item without the clips, and were later packaged in a seperate accessory kit with a trolley too.

These Southern Rail models were the only ones to still be made after the war. The green version continued until 1954, when it was replaced by a maroon version.


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