1930s goods train (button-operated)

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1930s goods train (button-operated)

BTMM map 063.gif

Arch Three , Area 63
1930s Layout, goods side

A gauge 0 1930's goods train that can be operated by visitors. There is a round white plastic button in Arch Three, alongside the Mickey Mouse leaden characters cabinet - pressing it will make this train run a single circuit around the 1930s layout.

Other than the locomotive (which is a modern ACE Trains version of a 1938 Q-series loco, to save burning out the motor on a real 1930s loco), the rest of the train is made up of genuine period 1930s Hornby Series rolling stock.

The train

  • Grey GW goods wagon
  • Grey "Sir Robert McAlpine" Tipping Wagon
  • Grey dual-hopper wagon
  • Blue "Cadbury's Chocolates" wagon with white roof
  • Red and yellow "Ffyfes" banana van
  • Red "Crawford's Biscuits" van
  • Yellow "Colman's Mustard" van with white roof
  • Blue "Seccotine" van with orange roof
  • White ventilated refrigerator van
  • Green Wakefield Castrol Motor Oil tanker
  • Silver Esso tanker
  • Grey GW Guard's Van, with white roof