Cadbury's Chocolate Van (Hornby 1930s)

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Cadbury's Chocolate Van (Hornby 1930s)

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Arch Three , Area 33
Hornby Series (display)
Shelf 2

A light blue Hornby private owners Cadbury's van with white roof, circa 1938.

This van was the last of four produced in the Cadbury rolling stock range, distinctive for adopting a block font for the lettering instead of the serif font used before. The lettering is noted for its faithfulness to the actual vans, although the real vans read "Cadbury’s Bourneville" instead of "Cadbury’s Chocolate".

The Cadbury van, first available in 1932, was designed from the beginning with a sliding door, so it never experienced the issues that other vans experienced adapting transfers for the item.


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