Carr's Biscuit Van, 1920s (Hornby Series)

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Carr's Biscuit Van, 1920s (Hornby Series)

[[file:|180px|link=]] Carr's Biscuit Van, 1925 catalogue [[:file:|(i)]]
BTMM map 037.gif
Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 4

A dark blue Hornby gauge 0 "CARR'S BISCUITS" private owner's van with a white roof and black base, introduced in 1924.


Lettering is gold with thin black outline. Above is a gold Royal crest (BY APPOINTMENT), below is the word CARLISLE is thin black sans-serif lettering. Hinged opening side doors with a small folded sheet metal handle.

Gold sticker, rectangular with rounded corners and red border, at one end of black bed, reading "HORNBY SERIES".

The wagon is located on track one (nearest the front) of shelf four.

Catalogue illustration

[[File:|thumb|center|Carr's Biscuit Van, 1925 Hornby Book of Trains|480px|link=]]