Milk Tank Wagon, Nestlé's Milk (Hornby Series)

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Milk Tank Wagon, Nestlé's Milk (Hornby Series)

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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 2

A white 1930s Nestlé's Milk Tank Wagon, with bright blue ladders, central valve, end-bars and supports, and a black "type 3" and wheels.


The tank is a simple white with "NESTLÉ'S MILK / RICHEST IN CREAM" in blue serifed black-outlined text. The diagonal bracing bars have simple pinched ends rather than the threaded nuts originally used on the earlier "United Dairies" version of the wagon, which this version replaced in around 1936/37 (the United Dairies wagon was still advertised in Meccano Magazine through 1936, the Nestlé version appears in The Hornby Book of Trains in the 1937/38 issue).