Pullman No2 Special Coach (Composite), Arcadia (Hornby Series)

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Pullman No2 Special Coach (Composite), Arcadia (Hornby Series)

Hornby Pullman No.2 Special Coach Composite (HBoT 1931).jpg No.2 Special Pullman Coach, Arcadia, Hornby Series, 1931 (i)
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Arch Three , Area 1
1930s Model Railway Layout

A brown and cream Hornby Series No2 Special Pullman coach (Composite), "Arcadia", with passenger and luggage sections.

Alberta . Loraine . Iolanthe . Arcadia . Grosvenor . Zenobia . Verona . Eton 900

This coach is part of a train of No 2 Special Pullman coaches on the central 1930s model railway layout, coupled to a green Hornby Series E420 "Eton" (Southern 900) locomotive. The train is usually run during Train Running Day events.

Catalogue illustration

Hornby No.2 Special Coach (Composite), Arcadia, Price 15- (Hornby Book of Trains, 1931)