Pullman coach, Marjorie (Hornby M1 gauge 0)

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Pullman coach, Marjorie (Hornby M1 gauge 0)

Hornby M1 Pullman Coaches, Marjorie, Aurelia (HBoT 1930).jpg M1 Pullman coaches, ~1930 version (i)
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Arch Three , Area 33
Hornby Series (display)
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A Hornby Pullman brown passenger coach with a cream roof, 1935-41.

"Pullman" is printed on the top of the coach in gold, and "Majorie" on a gold bordered black panel beneath the windows. The windows and doors are tinprinted black, with red curtains.

These cream roof models came in for the 1935-6 season after two seasons of the coaches Aurelia, Majorie and Viking sporting different roof colours. They remained cream until production stopped in 1941.

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M1 Pullman Coaches, earlier 1930 version with brown roofs