Crawford's Biscuit Van, 1930s, variation (Hornby Series)

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Crawford's Biscuit Van, 1930s, variation (Hornby Series)

Hornby Crawford's Biscuit Van (1928 HBoT).jpg Catalogue image of an earlier hinged-door version, from the 1928-1929 (Hornby Book of Trains) (i)
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An all-red gauge 0 Hornby Series 1930s-chassis "By Appointment" Crawford’s Biscuit Van, circa 1935.

These vans had six versions released from 1924-1938. Tabbed bodies replaced nut-and-bolt in 1927, a revised base introduced in 1930, and automatic couplings added in 1931. Hinged doors were used until new transfers were made, the first model to use a sliding door was the 1935 model.

Only minor changes were made to the model afterwards, the most distinctive being the update to the royal seal in 1938, changed from "By Appointment" to "By Appointment to the late King George V", two years after not just George V’s 1936 death but also his successor Edward VII’s abdication later that year.

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