Petrol Tank Wagon, BP Motor Spirit

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Petrol Tank Wagon, BP Motor Spirit

Hornby Motor Spirit Tank Wagon 'BP' (1927 HBoT).jpg (i)
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Hornby Series (display)
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Hornby Motor Spirit Tank Wagon "BP", private owner rolling stock, 1927-30. A cream tank wagon with gold transfers and a bold red line underlining the BP name.


Hornby’s range of petrol tank wagons started in 1922 with Shell tankers. Gradually, they expanded to have 13 different oil and petrol companies represented over the range’s prewar life. Shell and BP’s amalgamation led to an entirely redesigned model with both logos in 1936.

Catalogue image

Hornby series BP Motor Spirit Petrol Tank Wagon, catalogue image from the 1927 Hornby Book of Trains


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