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Hornby Series Loco

Hornby Series locomotives

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4 Eton4-4-01937
"Hornby Trains"

Frank Hornby seems to have always wanted to make trains, but the first proper Hornby trains had to wait until after World War One (1914-18), when anti-German sentiment in Britain broke the hold that the German manufacturers had had on the market.

Hornby's initial trains appeared in 1920 - the enamelled "Hornby Clockwork Train", and the tinplate "Hornby Tin-Printed Train". The enamelled version took off, and spawned first the Zulu sets, and then the No1 locomotive line that continued in various guises until the 1950s (although not as Hornby Series). Descendants of the Tin Printed Train reappeared as a range of tinplate starter train sets, with sub-1 numbers, and as the M Series.

The range expanded through the 1920s, with the first electric Hornby train being the Metropolitan underground locomotive in 1925. The Riviera Blue appeared in 1926, and UK-liveried versions (the No3 loco range) joined it in 1927/28. The beloved No2 Specials showed up in 1929, after which the loco range stayed reasonably static (with minor revisions and electric versions) until the 1930s.

1937 saw the No4 Eton locomotive, and also the glorious Princess Elizabeth, with a 4-6-2 configuration that had previously been declared to be unachievable in gauge 0. The Princess Elizabeth was presented as a proper scale model, and was so obviously a one-off that it didn't need a number classification.


The Princess Elizabeth was followed by the introduction of the Hornby Dublo range in 1938, and then the disruptions of World War Two (1939-45) and the Korean War. When production started up again in earnest in 1958, it was clear that the company now needed to focus on the development of the smaller-scale Dublo range, and gauge 0 development tailed off, with the new Hornby Trains No501/50 pieces representing Hornby's final involvement in the format.

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