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Minic Ships

1958 - ~1964

Although Tri-ang were by no means the first company to produce a set of cast waterline ship models at or around the scale of 1:1200 – notable earlier ranges included Bassett-Lowke, Tremo and Dinky – the Tri-ang MINIC Ships range was arguably the most successful product range of its type after World War Two. As well as a wide range of nicely-painted models, the accessories ended up including harbours and pier sets and even a very small scale-sized whale, and the retailer accessories included a model representing the port of Dover, with white cliffs and tiny sets of 1:1200 train track, and even a tiny train.

First issue

These accurately detailed, 1:1200 scale waterline models were only available in the shops from about 1958 to 1964, and thus had a comparatively short life. However, from the collector’s point of view, production figures must have been high since, coupled with the factor of their comparatively low play value (they could not be raced like Dinky Toys) they have survived in reasonably large numbers in good condition.

Six sales catalogues were produced between 1959 and 1960 and are nowadays quite hard to find. No single catalogue shows the full range, since additions, deletions and alterations were regular occurrences.

Triang Ships are an exciting new series. Scale Docks, an Ocean Convoy or Fleet Manoeuvres – all can be reproduced in thrilling miniature. Each model has a heavy diecast hull, bringing out in precise detail the lifeboats, bollards, portholes and anchors. Masts, cranes, and other projecting parts are moulded in resilient plastic for strength and safety. New models are continually being built and will be introduced at frequent intervals

— , -, , Minic Ships catalogue, First Edition, , 1959

1976: Second issue, "Hornby Minic"

"Minic Ships" were reintroduced in 1976 as Hornby-branded products, and these are known as the "second issues". They were painted in slightly different colours, had red plastic bases, and wheels were put on their undersides. They did not sell well and are not as collectable as the original "first" series. The range was limited to the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, United States, Canberra, Vanguard and Bulwark, with some new models in the shape of the Missouri, Bismarck, Scharnhorst and Yamato.

Presentation sets were also produced, including some harbour parts and accessories. All second issues have "HONG KONG" stamped on the base.

1962 listing:

Ocean liners:

M701 RMS Caronia, 7"
M702 RMS Queen Elizabeth, 10 5/16"
M703 RMS Queen Mary, 10 3/16"
M704 SS United States, 9 15/16"
M705 RMS Aquitania
M706 SS Nieuw Amsterdam
M707 SS France
M708 RMS Saxonia
M709 RMS Ivernia
M710 RMS Sylvania
M711 RMS Carinthia
M712 NS Savannah
M713 SS Antilles
M715 RMS Canberra
M716 MS Post Brisbane
M717 MS Port Auckland
M718 RMS Amazon
M719 RMS Arlanza
M720 RMS Aragon

Miscellaneous Ships and Vessels:

M721 HM Yacht Britannia
M721H HM Yacht Britannia Hospital Ship
M722 SS Isle of Jersey
M723 SS Isle of Guernsey
M724 SS Isle of Sark
M726 Pilot Ship
M727 Life Boat
M728 PS Britannia
M729 PS Bristol Queen
M730 PS Cardiff Queen
M731 Tug
M732 SS Varicella (Oil Tanker)
M733 TSS Vikingen (Whale Factory Ship)
M734 Whale Chaser
M735 Light-Vessel Sunk
M736 Light-Vessel Shambles
M737 Light-Vessel Cork
M738 Light-Vessel Varne
M739 Light-Vessel St. Gowan


M741 HMS Vanguard

Aircraft Carriers:

M751 HMS Bulwark
M752 HMS Centaur
M753 HMS Albion


M761 HMS Swiftsure
M762 HMS Superb

Fleet Escorts:

M771 HMS Daring
M772 HMS Diana
M773 HMS Dainty
M774 HMS Decoy


M779 HMS Alamein
M780 HMS Jutland
M781 HMAS Anzac
M782 HMAS Tobruk

Guided Missile Destroyers:

M783 HMS Hampshire
M784 HMS Kent
M785 HMS Devonshire
M786 HMS London


M787 HMS Vigilant
M788 HMS Venus
M789 HMS Virago
M790 HMS Volage
M791 HMS Whitby
M792 HMS Torquay
M793 HMS Blackpool
M794 HMS Tenby


M799 HMS Repton
M800 HMS Dufton
M801 HMS Ashton
M802 HMS Calton
M803 HMS Picton
M804 HMS Sefton
M805 HMS Upton
M806 HMS Wiston

Misc. Royal Naval Ships:

M810 HM Tug Turmoil
M817 HM Submarine A Class
M818 HM Submarine A Class Reconstructed

Harbours, Accessories and Scenic Effects:

M827 Breakwater, Straight
M828 Breakwater, Angle left
M828 Breakwater, Angle right
M829 Breakwater, End
M836 Quay Straight Section
M837 Cranes Unit
M838 Storage Tanks Unit
M839 Customs Shed
M840 Warehouse
M841 Ocean Terminal
M842 Swing Bridge, complete
M843 Ocean Terminal Extension
M844 Lock Gates (Pair)
M846 Lifting Bridge, complete
M847 Pier, Straight
M848 Pier, Entrance
M849 Pier Head
M853 Factory
M854 Tanker Wharf, Straight
M855 Tanker Wharf, Berth
M857 Sea Plastic 26"×26"
M858 Sea Plastic 52"×52"
M861 Life Boat Station complete (for use with M836, 847 or 849)
M878 Lighthouse
M880 Whale
M882 Beacon
M884 Statue of Liberty
M885 Floating Dock

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