Beacon (Minic Ships 882)

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Beacon (Minic Ships 882)

Beacon, Minic Ships M882 (MinicShips 1960).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 18
Tri-ang Minic Ships (display)


A model Beacon, Tri-ang Minic Ships M 882.

1960: catalogue image of the M 882 Beacon

The beacon is rather small and fiddly, but can be used anywhere that one might consider using the 878 Lighthouse. Multiple beacons are useful as a subtle way of adding complexity and detail to a harbour model, where studding the layout with full-bown lighthouses might look silly.

1960 catalogue text

M882 BEACONS – These are smaller and less powerful lights or sea-marks placed in estuaries of rivers or near ports to mark channels or other features necessary for navigation. They are un-manned