HMS Venus destroyer (Minic Ships 788)

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HMS Venus destroyer (Minic Ships 788)

V-Class Frigates, Minic Ships M787-M790 (MinicShips 1960).jpg M 788 (i)
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A blue diecast metal 1:1200 waterline ship model of "V"-class frigate HMS Venus (originally built as a destroyer), Tri-ang Minic Ships model number M 788.

Minic Ships M 788, Venus

1960 catalogue description:

M 787 H.M.S. VIGILANT, M 788 VENUS, M 789 VIRAGO, M 790 VOLAGE – Average about 2,500 tons. These frigates were completely converted from destroyers and represent a good type of fast anti-submarine vessel. Length 362 feet, 2-4 inch guns and many "Squids" or "Limbo" anti-submarine weapons. Speed about 34 knots. Length 3 58 inches (9.2 cm)

The original ship

The U-Class and V-Class were a group of sixteen destroyers completed in 1943-1944 that were intended to form two eight-ship flotillas, with the ship names mostly starting with "U" and "V" (the exceptions being the two ships that were intended to lead the two flotillas).

  • The full "U"-class consisted of Ulster, Ulysses, Undaunted, Undine, Ursa, Urchin, Urania, and Grenville.
  • The full "V"-class consisted of Venus, Verulam, Vigilant, Virago, Valentine, Vixen, Volage, and Hardy.

Venus R50 left active duty in 1964, and was used as a target ship for testing missile systems in 1969. The ship ended up at the scrapyard in 1972.

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