SS United States Presentation Set (Minic Ships M892)

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Tri-ang Minic Ships SS United States Presentation Set M892.

This set is similar to the "Queen Elizabeth" set, except that the warehouse building has been replaced by a model of the Statue of Liberty (and of course, the supplied liner is the SS United States rather than the Queen Elizabeth).


  • M704 S.S. United States
  • M731 Tugs ×2
  • M836 Quay, Straight Sections ×3
  • M837 Cranes Unit
  • M838 Storage Tanks Unit
  • M827 Breakwater, Straight Sections ×4
  • M828R or M828L Breakwater Angle Sections ×2
  • M829 Breakwater, End Sections ×2
  • M878 Lighthouse
  • M882 Beacon
  • M884 Statue of Liberty
  • M860 Illustrated Catalogue