HMS Centaur aircraft carrier (Minic Ships 752)

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HMS Centaur aircraft carrier (Minic Ships 752)

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A 1:1200 model of the Centaur-class HMS Centaur aircraft carrier M752, part of the Tri-Ang Minic range produced between 1959 and 1964.

HMS Bulwark, Cantaur and Albion Aircraft Carriers, Minic Ships.
Centaur differs from the model pictured in having large letter "C" (for "Centaur") at both ends of the flight deck, rather than the pictured "B" (for "Bulwark")

The original Ship

HMS Centaur was commissioned in 1953 and decommissioned in 1965. Its flight deck was angled at six degrees after a refit.

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