Factory Unit (Minic Ships 853)

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A diecast metal model of a Factory Unit, Tri-ang Minic Ships M 853, with a very high black chimney. We think this is misnamed, and is actually a model of a coastal power station, such as the one just along the coast from Brighton, at Shoreham.

Coal-burning power stations were sometimes built on the coast (or on jutting reclaimed land), because of easy access to water for cooling, and the ability of coal ships to dock and unload extremely large quantities of coal. Building on the coast (or on a promontory jutting out into the sea) also meant fewer neighbours who might be annoyed by having a power station nearby, and most likely, winds that could whip away the smoke.

In the Museum (not)

The museum's donated example of an M 853 isn't currently on display because it's been repainted from the original salmon pink, and we're looking at whether some of our contacts might have the right paint-strippers to return it to its original condition without damaging the original underlying paint.

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