HM Cruiser Superb (Minic Ships 762)

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HM Cruiser Superb (Minic Ships 762)

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A 1:1200 painted diecast metal model of the "Minotaur" Class cruiser H.M.S. Superb, part of the Tri-ang Minic Ships range produced between 1959 and 1964.

Triang Catalogue Number: M762

HM Cruisers "Swiftsure" and "Superb", Minic Ships M761 and M762

1960 catalogue description

M 761 H.M. CRUISER SWIFTSURE, M 762 SUPERB – About 11,500 tons full displacement, 555 feet long. Developed from the pre-war Southampton Class and have undergone several changes in appearance. Main armament comprises 9-6" guns. Length 5 1116 in (14.5 cm)

The original ship

HMS Superb was the last "Minotaur" Class cruiser to be built, launched in 1943 and left service in 1957. Although a plan to upgrade the ship's radar-controlled guns was proposed, it was not implemented, as by this point it was decided to focus more on guided missile ships.

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