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Tri-ang Minic Harbour Parts, 1:1200 scale, designed for use with Minic Ships.

Although harbours and docks might not nowadays seem like an exciting subject for a construction toy, the Minic Ships harbour parts executed the idea so well, with a combination of authenticity and modularity that even for children (or adults) without much interest in real docks, the system scored highly on playability. Like Britains Garden (and the subsequent Britains Floral Garden), it was a niche idea implemented so thoroughly that it wasn't worth anyone's while trying to produce a similar product.



All units are made ot the same scaleas the ships – 1:1200. Basically of Diecast construction, each unit fits to its neighbour by a simple arrangement of peg and socket. The principal part is the Quay upon which can be mounted any of the accessory units.

The Breakwaters extend "out to sea" and they can be straight or angled by means of the special angle sections. Plastic sheeting provides a realistic sea, upon which a limitless number of different sized and shaped Harbours may be built.

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All are in diecast metal, accurately detailed, interlocking and interchangeable. Individual parts can be purchased to build up a harbour layout or add to a Presentation Set

Some of the components

Pier sections

Quayside structures

Breakwater parts

Bridges and Locks

for putting between adjacent quays

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