HMS Bulwark aircraft carrier (Minic Ships 751)

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HMS Bulwark aircraft carrier (Minic Ships 751)

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A 1:1200 model of the Centaur-class HMS Bulwark aircraft carrier, part of the Tri-Ang Minic range produced between 1959 and 1964.

The model has a grey body with white markings and black director tower.

Triang Catalogue Number: M751

HMS Bulwark Aircraft Carrier, Minic Ships M751

Tri-ang Minic produced identical models of HMS Bulwark, HMS Centaur and HMS Albion. The model of HMS Bulwark is distinguished by the model number and name marked on the underside and the deck code B (for "Bulwark).

The original ship:

HMS Bulwark was one of a class of four Light Fleet Carriers laid down at the end of the Second World War and commissioned during the 1950's.

HMS Bulwark's commissioned period was 1954-1981.

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