TSS Vikingen whaling factory ship (Minic Ships 733)

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TSS Vikingen whaling factory ship (Minic Ships 733)

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Tri-ang Minic Ships (display)


A 1:1200 grey painted diecast metal model of the whaling factory vessel TSS Vikingen, part of the Tri-ang Minic range produced between 1959 and 1964, catalogue number M733.


The model is grey with some white upper surfaces, and white lifeboats. A couple of very thin red plastic pieces probably represent some of the winching gear. The distinctive rear end of the ship encloses a ramp for the whale to be hauled aboard. The Minic Ships Whale (M 880) probably fits on this ramp – we briefly considered adding one to the ship, but then decided that the idea was a bit gruesome, and frankly, icky.

The original ship

The whaling factory ship TSS Vikingen was the world's first dedicated factory whaling ship, built for the Rasmussen Group of companies by Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson in 1929 / 1930.

The Minic Ships range also modelled the Vikingen's Whale chaser boats Vikingen I - V.

TSS Vikingen's period of operation was 1929-1971.

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