Tanker Wharf Straight (Minic Ships 854)

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A cream-coloured diecast metal model of a Tanker Wharf Straight, Tri-ang Minic Ships M 854.

The piece is essentially an extender for the M 855 Tanker Wharf Berth piece (an oil tanker terminal), and is a long thin item with four red raised pipelines mounded into its flat upper surface, and a 45-degree angle and locator lug at each end.

In real life

Oil terminals sometimes need to be set a significant distance from the coastline so that massive oil tankers can dock without going anywhere near any shallows or rocks.

In the museum

The piece was donated comparatively recently, and is in storage while we try to work out how to insinuate it into our already rather densely packed Minic Ships display.

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