RMS Saxonia ocean liner (Minic Ships 708)

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RMS Saxonia ocean liner (Minic Ships 708)

RMS Saxonia, Ivernia, Sylvania, Carinthia liners, Minic Ships M708-M711 (MinicShips 1960).jpg (i)
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A 1:1200 painted diecast metal model of the Cunard ocean liner RMS Saxonia, part of the Tri-Ang Minic range produced between 1959 and 1964.

The model has a white and black body and red and black funnel.

Triang Catalogue Number: M708

RMS Saxonia, Ivernia, Sylvania and Carinthia Liners

1960 description:

M 708 R.M.S. SAXONIA, M 709 IVERNIA, M 710 SYLVANIA, M 711 CARINTHIA – Cunard Line, 2 screws, Royal Mail Ships, 21,700 tons, 608 feet long, 20 knots. Built for the Canadian Service. Length 6 332 inches (15.5 cm)

The original ship

RMS Saxonia was the lead ship of Cunard's four vessel "Saxonia" Class which were designed and built by John Brown & Company to service the St. Lawrence Route to Quebec and Montreal replacing all of Cunard's old pre-Second World War vessels such as Scythia, Samaria, and Ascania.

These ships were large passenger / cargo vessels rather than pure passenger ships and were designed with only two classes of accommodation, a small First Class and a large Tourist Class. This design reflected the perceived changes in demand for sea travel with first class trade increasingly travelling by air.

RMS Saxonia's period of operation was 1954-1962.

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