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Minic Vehicles (Second Series)

1949 -     
Minic No.2 Grand Prix Racer

Minic No.2 Grand Prix Racer [image info]

Minic No.2 Jeep

Minic No.2 Jeep [image info]

Sports Car with Four-Speed Gearbox

Sports Car with Four-Speed Gearbox [image info]

The first of the Tri-ang Minic "Series II", "Second Series", or "No.2" range started to tentatively appear in advertising in the very late 1940s, starting with the No.2 Grand Prix Racer. By 1950 there were enough cars to justify calling it a "range" ("Series II"), which continued expanding through 1951.

The Minic Series 2 were plastic-bodied and larger than the original range of painted tinplate Minics, and tried to add ambitious additional features wherever possible, such as sound, or – in one case – a working four-speed gearbox for the clockwork motor.

The range replaced the short-lived Tri-ang Penguin plastic-shelled rubber-band-driven cars of the late 1940s, with the larger size allowing more experimentation with complex internal mechanisms. At around the same period, a few smaller plastic-shelled cars also quietly snuck into the "standard" Minic range.

1950(?) catalogue text

MINIC SERIES II Clockwork Model Cars

A new range of magnificent scale model cars – larger than those illustrated on left or overleaf – and with many exclusive MINIC features.

Each car is fitted with a new type clockwork motor for long runs at high speed and many incorporate the "auto-stop" units which stop the wheels when the model is picked up. With the exception of the No.2 Jeep which is all-steel, the Series II models feature detailed moulded bodies in a wide range of colours. Chromed radiators, bumpers and decor are fitted.

— , -, , Tri-ang Minic strip catalogue, , 1950


~1950 Range

1951 catalogue additions

  • MINIC No.2 Ford Zephyr
  • MINIC No.2 Sherman Tank
  • MINIC No.2 Bulldozer
  • MINIC No.2 Nuffield Tractor
  • MINIC No.2 Six-Ton Tipper
  • MINIC No.2 "Pathfinder" Electric Remote Controlled Car

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