RMS Queen Mary ocean liner (Minic Ships 703)

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RMS Queen Mary ocean liner (Minic Ships 703)

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A 1:1200 painted diecast metal first-issue model of the RMS Queen Mary ocean liner, Cunard's three-funnel thousand-foot replacement for the Mauretania. It was part of the Tri-Ang Minic range produced between 1959 and 1964, catalogue number M 703.

RMS Queen Mary, Minic Ships M 703

RMS Queen Mary was in service from 1936-1967, and is now a fixed tourist attraction in Long Beach, California.

1960 catalogue description:

M 703 QUEEN MARY – Cunard Line, 81,200 tons, 1,020 feet long, 4 screws, 32 knots. She gained the Atlantic speed record for Great Britain and held it until 1952. She and the "Queen of Bermuda" are the only three-funnelled Ocan liners afloat. Length 10 316 inches (25.9 cm)

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