Lighthouse (Minic Ships 878)

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Lighthouse (Minic Ships 878)

Lighthouse, Minic Ships M878 (MinicShips 1960).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 18
Tri-ang Minic Ships (display)


A white-painted diecast metal model of a modern Lighthouse, Tri-ang Minic Ships M 878. The top of the lighthouse is a small clear plastic bobble inserted into the top.

1960: catalogue image of the M 878 Lighthouse

The lighthouse has a single central locator pin designed to dock with the central hole of the M 829 breakwater end section, but there's also a suitable location on the rubber "Dover Harbour" shop display, and it can be used creatively at other locations.

1960 catalogue text

M878 LIGHTHOUSES – These, like the light-vessels, are maintained by Trinity House, except those on Harbours. ... They vary in size and shape, some being on cliff tops or sea shore and others being miles out in the open sea. The earliest lighthouse in the United Kingdom was the PHAROS, erected by the Romans and stil lstanding on the Dover Castle heights.

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