SS Varicella Shell oil tanker (Minic Ships 732)

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SS Varicella Shell oil tanker (Minic Ships 732)

SS Varicella Oil Tanker, Minic Ships M732 (MinicShips 1960).jpg M 732 (i)
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Arch Two , Area 18
Tri-ang Minic Ships (display)


A painted diecast metal 1:1200 waterline ship model of the Shell] Oil Tanker S.S. Varicella (1959-1976), Tri-ang Minic Ships model number M 732.

SS Varicella oil tanker, Minic Ships M 732

1960 catalogue description:

M 732 S.S. VARICELLA – One of several sister ships built for Shell Tankers. She is a single-screw steamer of about 21,800 tons, 643 feet long, speed 16 knots. Like all ships in the fleet, she is named after a seashell. Length 6 716 inches (16.4 cm)

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