HMS Torquay anti-submarine frigate (Minic Ships 792)

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HMS Torquay anti-submarine frigate (Minic Ships 792)

Whitby-Class Anti-submarine Frigates, Minic Ships M791-794 (MinicShips 1960).jpg M 792 (i)
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A blue diecast metal 1:1200 waterline ship model of Type 12 anti-submarine Frigate HMS Torquay, Tri-ang Minic Ships model number M 792.

Minic Ships M 792, Torquay

1960 catalogue description:

M 791 HMS WHITBY, M 792 HMS TORQUAY, M 793 HMS BLACKPOOL, M 794 HMS TENBY – Ships of a highly specialised anti-submarine type known as "Whitby" or "Seaside Resort" class. Dimensions about the same as those of the "V" class. Length 3 1116 (9.4 cm)

The original ship

HMS Torquay was the first of the "Type 12", "Whitby"-class anti-submarine frigates to be completed. Designed to attack diesel submarines, the type 12 frigates were fast and were the first RN frigates ships to be designed with a V-shaped bow optimised for slicing through oncoming waves at speed.

"Torquay" was launched in 1954, and completed in 10 May 1956. It was "paid off" in 1985, and sold and sent to be scrapped in 1987.

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