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Disappeared Brighton. Although Brighton and Hove is fiercely protective of many of the Victorian and early C20th features that make it unique, some of its original landmarks, attributes and signature businesses have unavoidably disappeared without being preserved, and now only exist as photographs, artwork, contemporary materials and models. Sometimes these lost features have left footprints in the city, sometimes they have disappeared without trace. It would have been difficult to justify preserving a derelict goods yard or sprawling locomotive works, and when shops close, new businesses take their place.

Because Brighton grew so explosively after the arrival of the London-Brighton railway line in 1841, with Victorian buildings being planted on what had previously been open ground, archaeologically-speaking, much of the city is still "first-generation", and the sites or surroundings of many of these subjects are still visible.

These pages try to document some of these pieces of lost Brighton.

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